Enomatic Filler

Enomatic Filler


Enomatic filler single spout
Fills each bottle perfectly to the same height with minimum airation
Simple vacuum principle

Accessory kits are available for filling olive oil bottles and many other liquids! Contact us for advice on the proper kit to purchase!

See accessories here!

How does it work?
1) First secure the Enolmatic to the table top with the clamp provided.
2) Place the supply hose into the carboy, barrel or demijohn. The Enolmatic will (lift) wine over 12 feet so the supply container can sit on the floor.
3) Turn on the power, adjust the vacuum for the desired filling rate and place a bottle on the spout. In seconds the vacuum pulls the wine up the supply hose and into the bottle, filling it.
4) When the bottle is completely filled, the wine covers the exhaust port pinching off the flow.
The excess goes to the collection bowl on the rear of the machine.
5) After many bottles have been filled, a float valve releases the vacuum, stopping filling.
6) The wine in the bowl is then returned to the supply container for refilling. A range of replaceable cartridges gives you any degree of filtration needed.

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