Variable Capacity Tank

Variable Capacity Tank

We carry multiple sizes:
300 Liters – 79.3 Gallons
400 Liters – 105.7 Gallons
500 Liters – 132 Gallons
750 Liters – 201 Gallons
1000 Liters – 264 Gallons

Three legs 11.8” welded
Made of Stainless Steel
External Marbled Surface
Draining port 1.5” Tri-Clover fitting
Racking Port 1.5” Tri-Clover fitting
Sample Valve 1” Tri-Clover fitting
Floating Cover
Anti-Dust lids on certain models
(the SLU750 and SLU1000 come with arms)
Pump with manometer
Floating Lid Gasket

Tanks have legs

Valves, gaskets and clamps not included. (sold separately as a KIT). 750 & 1000L welded legs, NO anti-dust lid.

Please call for more information and pricing!